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I long ago gave up on bothering to keep matching sets of anything…. because pieces inevitably get lost and broken.  For me, it’s part of having an “uncluttered mind” because it allows me to not just tolerate, but embrace imperfection. It makes me easier to live with, and is one less thing for me to get upset about.

Never again will I host a dinner party with eight guests having matching silverware and four of them using plastic (because someone left a fork in the car, took another to their dad’s house, thew one away by accident, and one ended up in the laundry….).  Things like that used to make my eye twitch and make my head feel like it was going to explode.  Aesthetics are important to me.  Beautiful things bring me joy, and I like to create pleasing environments. It brings a smile to my face.

I would buy a wonderful set of a dozen matching glasses, and I’d be lucky if I wasn’t down to 11 by the time I make it home.

Then come five children….

Now try a dinner party:  I can find 5 nice glasses from my set of 12.  I can easily locate a red Elmo cup.  Now do I take the lids off of sippy cups?  Or buy a new set of glasses?  You see the insanity.  A serving dish left at a friend’s house, a coffee mug used for a pencil holder… I don’t see how anyone could possibly keep a complete set of anything for more than a week.  I have a theory that complete, matching sets are created to simply drive mothers to insanity.

ENTER COLLECTIONS.  Oh my!  An answer to prayer, food for my soul, a creative outlet, a fulfilling hobby, and the cheapest shopping therapy you’ll find: all wrapped up in one little solution.

My everyday dinnerware?  Blue ironstone, mostly floral and pastoral…. but I have a few Japanese pieces in there to fill out the collection for now.  It doesn’t matter to me if it’s old or new, as long as I love it.  It coordinates if I say it does.

My fine china?  A mix of whatever odd pieces I find and love at thrift shops.

Champagne flutes, water goblets, silverware… Heck, even my wardrobe doesn’t match.  They all just coordinate.

I love having collections that aren’t clutter.  Home feels a little more cozy.  I can let go of just a little bit more and let my mind be at ease.

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