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I’ve studied nutrition as an amateur for 20 years.  Here are the top 10 things I keep in mind for my family’s dietary health:

1) Keeping balanced hormones is pivotal to overall health.  High estrogen levels can lead to thyroid and other health problems.  I try to eat foods that help keep my hormones balanced.  Studies and opinions are controversial… but I know from my personal experience that soy products wreck havoc on my hormones.

2) There’s nothing good about sugar (especially fructose) except how it tastes.  Unless you are being very active and can burn it off immediately.  It’s not just empty calories: it a toxic, addictive, poison.  I particularly watch fructose, and you’ll see why in the video below.

I don’t keep sugar out of the house entirely, but I do pay close attention and limit it.  

3) No artificial sweeteners.  I believe that artificial sweeteners are toxic, and I do not allow them in my home, even in small amounts. Instead of sugar, I keep a natural sweetener blend to use in my cooking and baking.  I find that using a mix of sweeteners helps with any aftertastes.  I’ll use a couple of fructose-free sweeteners and a few sugar free sweeteners… and I’ll add a very small amount of real sugar.  Erythritol, stevia and monk fruit are all fructose-free. And palm sugar, which is low-fructose.  I will also keep some fructose-free syrups on hand.  Watch for a post of my blend soon.

4) Don’t drink your calories.  Unless you’re TRYING to gain weight.  I look for natural flavored drink mixes sweetened with Stevia, like “True Lime” products and Crystal lights “Pure” products.

5) Artificial food coloring is much more toxic that we believe it to be.  I love this Ted Talk about the effects.  It is very informative:

6) Our bodies NEED fats.  Low fat diets are damaging to our brains and to our bodies.  Take a look at what Dr. Mark Hyman has to say about fats in our diets.  It’s an hour long, so be prepared to pay attention for a while.

7) Stay as close to nature as possible.  I think everyone can agree that processed foods are less healthy than foods close to nature.  I have a particular concern with our wheat flour…which is in just about everything we put in our mouths.  There are lots of studies out there on wheat.  I’m not so concerned with GMOs…. but I certainly don’t think it’s a good idea to be eating pesticides.  I don’t want RoundUp on my dinner table.  I always look for organic wheat products, and I certainly prefer organic everything as often as feasible.  What would I love most?  My own garden. 🙂

8) Make your calories count.  Eat your veggies!!!!

9)  Carbs are fuel. Unless you are in ketosis (where your body burns ketones… basically using fat for fuel), you need carbs for fuel.  If you live a sedentary lifestyle, you don’t really need carbs.  If you’re active, you’ll need more fuel.  It’s that simple.

10) Ketogenic diets and fasting can be healing for your body.  I am no professional, and this is just what I believe personally for myself.  The science makes sense to me.  I believe in periodic fasting or a ketogenic diet to help prevent and heal cancer and reboot my immune system.

And of course, staying active, getting some sunshine, spending time with friends and loved ones…. and 1,000 other wonderful things support an overall healthy lifestyle.  Watch for some blog posts as I share what I’ve learned and how I sneak healthy things into my life.

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