Well established daily and weekly routines are the trick to keeping a tidy home.  I manage my routines with my planner.

planner pages

1) I MUST give credit to who was a huge inspiration to establishing routines and helped me find what works for me using her Baby Steps.

2) I created my own planner pages with my routines pre-printed. This has been a life-saver.  Every week I do the same things.  Every Sunday I meal plan for the week and wash bedding if needed.  Every Monday I clean out the fridge and go grocery shopping.  Every Tuesday I clean off the kitchen countertops and wipe down all the small appliances in the kitchen….. etc, etc.

3) Zone Cleaning- THANK YOU Fly Lady! I follow Fly Lady’s 5 week zone cleaning schedule.  That means every room in the house gets a good deep cleaning every 5 weeks without overwhelming me.  Consistency is key! Example: One week the zone would be the kitchen and dining area.  On Sundays, I’ll polish the furniture and cabinets in that weeks zone.  On Mondays I’ll wipe down the doors and baseboards.  On Tuesdays I’ll dust any knick knacks.  On Wednesdays I’ll tidy drawers and cabinets in the zone.  On Thursdays I’ll clean the mirrors and windows (if needed) in the zone only.  You get the idea….

When you’re hitting an area every 5 weeks, the cleaning is pretty darn quick and easy.  It just doesn’t really have a chance to get dirty.  For example on Fridays: My regular cleaning would be to clean the kitchen appliances- but it’s only been a week since they’ve had a good cleaning, so it takes almost no time at all.  And for the zone, I just dust fixtures and vents that were just cleaned 5 weeks earlier- so that takes almost no time. And I check my bank accounts and make sure bills are paid- which also takes almost no time since I do it every week.  So life gets pretty darn manageable fairly quickly by just getting your arms around one thing at a time.  Sure it’ll take you 5 weeks to get through your whole house once- and it make take two or three cycles to get everything really clean- but then it stays that way.  It beats “spring cleaning” once a year for sure. 🙂

Keep your eye out for blog posts on cleaning tips.  And some day soon I’ll get some printables on here so that you don’t have to re-invent the wheel.  I LOVE my planner!