Peace of Mind- Managing Stress

What causes stress?

The stress you feel in your life is a direct result of LOOSE ENDS. Things you’ve started and haven’t finished will bog down your spirit and you can quickly become stressed out and overwhelmed… and it can stop you from accomplishing much of anything.
We start 100 things at once and think we’re great multi-taskers… but our attention gets so split that what we’re really doing is just creating stress for ourselves.
So let’s start cutting back on the stress before we get too far into our weeks!

1) Make a quick list of everything you’re in the middle of- started but not finished- incomplete “cycles of action”.
2) I bet their are a few things on there that you should just say “no” to… Unnecessary clutter in your life. Delete them! Don’t let them hang over your head and your heart.
3) Identify the things you can quickly wrap up, and get them done NOW.
4) Schedule time today or later this week to give 100% of your attention to each of the other things on your list so that you can put them out of your mind for now, knowing when and how they will get handled and off.
5) Delegate! Anything on the list someone else can do for you? Delegate it! And put a time on your calendar to follow up and make sure you can cross it off your list.
6) Start a habit of handling everything as it comes at you instead of adding it to a daunting “to-do list”. Keep your to-do list as short as possible. When life throws something your way, handle it immediately. If you can’t do it yourself right away, then delegate and schedule a time to follow up…. or schedule a time for you to handle it as soon as possible.

Going back and looking at things several times takes so much of our time. Whether it’s looking at a sink full of dishes half a dozen times before you finally load the dishwasher… or if it’s thinking over and over again about a call you need to make to a client….. the only way to get rid of the stress is to get it off your list. 

Here’s to tying up loose ends and handling life more proactively!


I’ll be writing more blog posts on specific ideas to close cycles, tie up loose ends, be pro-active and create peace of mind under the blog category “Clutter Free Mind”.