Weekly Meal Planning Overview

meal planningI LOVE my planner.  I would be LOST without my planner.  And my favorite section is…. probably…. my meal planning section.

After searching forever for something that would hold 7 recipe cards to a page, I found these 7-to-a-page 35mm negative storage sleeves at the Container Store.  Woooo Hoooo!!!  So typed up my recipes on cards that would fit the sleeves, and VOILA! now I can just slide the recipes for the week into the week’s sheet depending on what what we’re in the mood for and what we have on hand.

One side shows me what I may need from the grocery store at a glance: sides and a shopping list that includes ingredients that I wouldn’t be certain to have on hand.  The other side shows the recipe.

Once a week (Sundays) I clean out the fridge, eat or preserve any unused food, choose meals for the week, grocery shop, prep food for the week, (including a big salad) and I’ll make four or more of at least one main dish to stock in the freezer for future use.  I’ll also make a few extra of a side or snack for the freezer.