Mom Peace

One child practicing trumpet, another on the piano, another playing with the barking dogs (and barking along with them), another whistling along with the music on the video game he’s playing… and the hubby listing to a training video. Sometimes peace and quiet sounds like something from a fairy tale.

But…. occasionally…. we find a quiet moment.  With a few good habits, when those blessed quiet moments come our way, we can rest in them.

Some people say they thrive in chaos, but chaos gives me anxiety…. and I’m not a lovely or graceful wife, mother or boss when I’m stressed out.  I find peace in the quiet of morning, with a perfect cup of coffee, in a shining kitchen within a tidy home, knowing what’s for dinner, with a wrapped-up to-do list so that I’m as ready as I can be to take whatever the day may throw my way.

I’m far from perfect, but as a mother of five running a demanding business, I’ve learned what works for me (that doesn’t mean I actually DO it all the time), and I’m happy to share it with you.  However,  I imagine that maintaining this blog will serve me more than it does anyone, creating some much-needed self-accountability.  Plus it gives me an opportunity for self-reflection when I need to take a step back, say a little prayer, refocus… and breathe.